Getting to Know 12mg Disposable Pods

In the vaping world, choosing the correct nicotine level is essential for a great vape session. Especially if you’re switching from smoking or seeking that perfect balance of a smooth yet satisfying hit, 12mg nicotine strength in disposable pods could be just what you’re looking for. This blog will explain in simple terms why 12mg disposable pods might be the best fit for your vaping needs. 

Why 12mg? 

12mg nicotine disposable pods hit just right for many people switching from smoking and regular vapers alike. They give you a good nicotine hit that feels close to smoking a real cigarette. These medium-strength pods pack enough nicotine to keep cravings in check while still letting you savour the vape juice’s taste. And they do this without the rough feeling you can get from higher 18mg or 20mg nicotine levels. 

Perfect for the Flavour Enthusiast 

A big part of what makes vaping fun is all the different flavours you can try. With 12mg nicotine strength, disposable pods shine at giving you bold and tasty flavour experiences. The nicotine level is just right – it doesn’t take over the taste but adds to the enjoyment of each puff. Whether you love fruity, sweet, or classic tobacco tastes, 12mg pods make sure you get to fully appreciate the intended flavours. Here are the flavours we offer in 12mg: 

Black Jack

Our 12mg Black Jack disposable pod is like a tasty treat from the past. It mixes the familiar taste of liquorice with a hint of aniseed, giving you a rich, sweet, and a bit spicy flavour with each puff. The flavours mimic the popular Black Jack candy perfectly.

Blue Raspberry

Hits just the right mix of tangy and sweet, really bringing out the taste of juicy blue raspberries with a lively zing. This flavour pops in your mouth with a wonderful mix of sweet and a touch of sour, just like your favourite summer snack. Made for those who want a smooth throat hit and delicious flavour, this pod also has a 0mg option. This means you get the same great taste but without any nicotine.

Fruit Twist

A vibrant mix of fruit flavours, perfectly mixed to give you a tropical taste adventure with every inhale. Think of the most delicious fruits from all over, all combined into one big, bright flavour explosion – that’s what you get with the Fruit Twist. It’s a fun mix of sweet and sour tastes that feels just right. If you’re not into nicotine, there’s also a 0mg option that gives you the same exciting blend of tastes. 

Peached Iced Tea

It’s like the refreshing taste of iced tea mixed with sweet, juicy peaches. Vaping this flavour feels just like enjoying a cold peach iced tea on a warm summer day – soothing and enjoyable. 


It’s like a fresh, cool rush of spearmint that’s as refreshing as a chilly wind. The mild and slightly sweet taste of spearmint gives you a clean and invigorating experience with every puff. 

Very Berry

This flavour is a lively blend of juicy berries, like enjoying a handful of fresh strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries all at once. It gives you a sweet and a little tart vaping experience. For those who want to enjoy the full taste of ripe berries without nicotine, there’s also a 0mg option. 


This flavour captures the deep, rich taste of blackcurrants. It’s a juicy blend of ripe, tangy, and sweet, just like the fruit itself. 


A sweet and slightly tangy taste of fresh blueberries, making for a refreshing and enjoyable vaping experience. If you want to enjoy this delicious blueberry flavour without nicotine, there’s also a 0mg option available. 


This flavour has the sweet and a bit tart taste of juicy cherries, just like eating a fresh cherry right off the tree. 


A freshing wave of menthol, giving you the clean and crisp feeling of a cold winter day with each puff. For those who want the cool menthol experience without nicotine, there’s a 0mg version available too. 


Every puff gives you the real taste of strawberries, just like eating one straight from the field at its ripest. If you want to vape without nicotine, there’s also a 0mg option. 


This flavour combines the strong, earthy taste of traditional tobacco with rich, hearty notes and a touch of sweetness. 

Apple Sours

This flavour is a fresh twist on classic apple, with the sharp taste of green apples that starts sour and finishes with a light sweetness, exciting your taste buds. 

Mango Sours

Experience a tropical burst of flavour with this pod. It brings you the taste of succulent mangoes with an exciting tangy twist, blending sweet and sour flavours. 

Cherry Cola

This flavour perfectly combines the sweet fizz of cola with the tart taste of cherries. It gives you a refreshing and familiar feeling, just like enjoying your favourite soft drink on a hot summer day. If you prefer vaping without nicotine, there’s also a 0mg option available. 

Pink Lemonade

This vibrant blend mimics the refreshing taste of classic pink lemonade, bursting with a balance of sweet red berries and the zing of lemon, creating an invigorating vaping experience. The 12mg nicotine level provides a satisfyingly smooth throat hit, enhancing the bold, fruity flavours. For those who prefer a lighter nicotine touch or wish to enjoy the flavour without any nicotine at all, the pod is also offered in 9mg and 0mg variants, catering to a wide range of preferences. 

Dragon Fruit

This flavour captures the exotic taste of dragon fruit, mixing sweetness with a slight tang for a one-of-a-kind vaping experience. 

Exotic Mango

This flavour delivers the genuine, sweet taste of mango in all its juicy glory. There’s also a 0mg option, great for those who want to enjoy the fruity sensation without nicotine. 

Convenience Meets Control 

Disposable pods with 12mg nicotine strength offer the ultimate in convenience and control. These pods are perfect for vapers who value simplicity – they’re ready to use right away without the fuss of changing coils or the hassle of maintaining equipment. The moderate 12mg nicotine provides a balanced experience for both casual and regular users. 

A Tool for Transition 

For smokers looking to move to vaping, using a 12mg nicotine disposable pod can be a helpful step. It gives a similar throat feel to smoking light cigarettes, which can make switching easier.  

For those wanting to cut down on nicotine, beginning with 12mg pods can be a smart choice. It’s a balanced middle ground, making it possible to reduce from higher levels without feeling overwhelmed. Plus, with the same flavours available in lower nicotine amounts, users can easily switch to a milder pod when they’re ready. 


In short, 12mg nicotine disposable pods provide a great vaping experience that suits many users—from those looking for a good nicotine kick without the harshness to flavour lovers, and people moving from smoking to vaping. The ease of using disposable pods, along with the moderate nicotine content, makes every puff enjoyable and straightforward. Whether you’re experienced or new to vaping, trying 12mg pods could offer you a satisfying balance. 


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