Apple Sours

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Dive into the Apple Sours Disposable Pods which is a flavour rollercoaster of sweet, tangy and sharp apple zing that’ll have your taste buds doing the mambo and begging for one more dance!


Vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, flavour (contains lactic acid, apple ext., isopentyl acetate, ethyl 2-methylbutyrate, citric acid, water, ethyl maltol, malic acid), nicotine salicylate (nicotine < 1,1 %).

The Jucce Bar’s collection of disposable pods consistently delivers remarkable flavour with every draw. To fully enjoy each pod, simply remove the flavour-release tag from the top and wait for at least 60 seconds, allowing the liquid to saturate the coil. This guarantees a consistent, exquisite taste from the first to the last vape. Level up your vaping pleasure with Jucce Bar Apple Sours Disposable Pods, available in 12mg nicotine salts within a convenient 2ml pod.


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