Jucce MAX

Jucce MAX: MAXimise Your Flavour Profile

Get ready for an electrifying transformation in your vaping journey as we proudly introduce the exceptional Jucce MAX. A premier league player in the world of vaping, Jucce MAX has been meticulously designed with the sole aim of outperforming every expectation, setting a new high in the sphere of vaping standards.

This ground-breaking range breaks the mould with an uncompromising focus on the intensity of flavour, striking a balance between gourmet taste and cloud production. Each flavour in the Jucce MAX range presents you with a symphony of rich flavours, meticulously curated to provide a sensory experience that is crisp, fresh yet memorably intense. The depth of taste and the purity of flavour within each blend is an indulgence that extends far beyond the ordinary, giving you a vaping experience that is truly exclusive.

But Jucce MAX is not just about potent flavours; our range is an embodiment of our relentless pursuit of providing the ultimate vaping experience. Every draw you take delivers a smooth, faultless hit that keeps your pleasure points satisfied yet yearning for more. Its superior formulation allows for an unmatched smoothness in every vape, resulting in a trip down the pleasure lane, unlike anything else.

MAXimum Experience

Crafted to cater to even the most diverse taste profiles, the Jucce MAX line presents a remarkable assortment of both disposable pods and e-liquids in irresistible flavours that leave you captivated. Our extensive range of scrumptious offerings ensures that every taste bud sings, as we cover all avenues of the flavour spectrum.

Imagine diving into a vibrant world of juicy fruit concoctions, where luscious berries burst with rich notes, and tangy citrus selections leave a tingling effervescence. Each one is designed to conjure up images of indulgent moments spent enjoying your favourite sweet treats.

Whether you seek the convenience of our disposable pods for the sleek Jucce Bar or prefer the versatility of our signature e-liquids , we are confident that your senses will be tantalised, and your desires fulfilled as you embark on a flavourful discovery with Jucce MAX.

Jucce MAX E-liquids: MAXimum Flavour

Unleash your senses with the Jucce MAX E-Liquids, with 16 mesmerising flavours presented to satisfy the most discerning of vaping enthusiasts. Each flavour within this extensive range is crafted, uniting exemplary quality with an irresistible variety that leaves you spoiled for choice.

Understanding the distinct cravings of our customers, we offer these delectable blends in a selection of nicotine strengths. Choose from either 12mg or 18mg nicotine concentrations, so you have the flexibility to choose the nicotine level that meets your needs. By allowing you to customise the intensity according to your desired satisfaction level, we ensure that your vaping experience is tailored to your preferences.

The Jucce MAX E-Liquids are designed to be compatible with a diverse range of  vape kits. This compatibility allows us to guarantee a harmonious partnership between your chosen e-liquids and device, offering you a seamless vaping experience and maximum flavour satisfaction.

Explore MAX E-liquid flavours

Our collection of 16 enticing flavours promises to invigorate your senses. Embark on an enticing sensory journey through each flavour profile, thoughtfully crafted to cater to a variety of taste preferences:


Captures the essence of ripe, creamy bananas in every drop. Let this Jucce MAX flavour transport you to sun-soaked palm groves, where the taste of juicy, sun-ripened bananas reigns supreme. As you inhale, the full-bodied sweetness of fresh bananas sweeps over your palate, perfectly replicating the satisfyingly smooth mouthfeel of biting into the exotic fruit itself.
Banana Jucce MAX E-liquid
Jucce MAX Orange 10ml E-liquid


Encapsulates the essence of nature’s own citrus wonder – the orange. From the moment you inhale, the bright, sun-ripened sweetness of Mediterranean oranges envelopes your senses. Perfectly ripe, and bursting with vibrant citrus notes, the welcoming freshness of the orange is an invigorating delight. The bold juiciness at the heart of this captivating flavour teases your palate, mirroring the satisfying burst of cool orange juice on a warm afternoon.


Flawlessly captures the delicate essence of nature’s own gem – the coconut. This enchanting blend offers a taste of tranquillity, evoking the sweet serenade of white sands, swaying palms, and the soothing whispers of gentle waves. As you inhale, the creamy, luscious sweetness of freshly cracked, tender coconut flesh envelops your senses. Experience the delightful dance of sweetness and smoothness, as the velvety notes of coconut perform a delightful harmony, reminiscent of sipping on a refreshing glass of cool coconut water.
Jucce MAX Coconut 10ml E-liquid
Jucce MAX Dragon Fruit 10ml E-liquid

Dragon Fruit

Captures the mystique and allure of the tropical dragon fruit. This enticing blend serves up a sensory journey of elegance and excitement, reminiscent of venturing into uncharted tropical wonderlands. From the initial inhale, your senses are enthralled by the vivacious and subtly sweet notes of the dragon fruit. Fresh and tantalising, Dragon Fruit mirrors the exquisite thrilling sensation of sinking your teeth into the vibrant pink flesh of this tropical marvel – a true delight for the seasoned explorer.


Flawlessly embodies the lush, sumptuous flavours of ripe mangos. This enticing blend conjures images of radiant sunsets on secluded tropical beaches, manifesting a taste adventure as rich and satisfying as a feast of summer’s finest fruits. From the moment you inhale, the bold and delectable sweetness of ripe, juicy mangoes swathes your senses. The succulence of this king of fruits mirrors the thrilling sensation of biting into a fresh, perfectly ripe mango, its smooth and rich nectar cascading over your taste buds.
Jucce MAX Mango 10ml E-liquid
Jucce MAX Passion Fruit 10ml E-liquid

Passion Fruit

Excellently captures the unique allure of passion fruit. This tantalising blend paints a vivid picture of tropical ambrosia, whisking you away to a lush paradise moon-kissed by tropical twilight. With the first inhale, intoxicating notes of ripe, juicy passion fruit sweep over your senses. The vivid, invigorating tartness of this tropical gem mirrors the exhilarating sensation of eating fresh passion fruit, its pulpy golden nectar bursting with vibrant flavour.


Skilfully encapsulates the delightful flavour of a perfectly ripe peach. This captivating blend is an acclamation to summer, reflecting a taste experience as comforting and as serene as a warm, golden afternoon. From the initial inhale the smooth, juicy flavour of orchard-ripe peaches dances across your senses. The nuanced charm of this delightful stone fruit replicates the blissful moment of biting into a soft, sun-ripened peach, its tender sweetness effortlessly bathing your palate in a luscious wash of flavour.
Jucce MAX Peach 10ml E-liquid
Jucce MAX Pineapple 10ml E-liquid


Flawlessly encapsulates the zesty and vibrant allure of the tropical pineapple. This enchanting blend echoes the vivacity of island life, conjuring up images of radiant coastlines and a carefree Pacific sway. From the first inhale, the tangy and invigorating flavour of ripe pineapples unfurls across your senses. This vibrant burst impeccably captures the sensation of biting into a freshly cut, juicy pineapple, its sweet, tart nectar exploding with tropical delight.

Bubblegum Mint

Intertwines the enchanting sweetness of classic bubblegum with a brisk, refreshing hint of mint. This whimsical blend sparks a delightful journey to the carefree days of childhood while delivering a uniquely breezy twist. From your very first inhale, the playful flavour of sweet bubblegum joyously fills your senses. This nostalgic note ideally mirrors the childhood sensation of unwrapping a piece of vibrant bubblegum, its sugary goodness bursting with youthful charm and magical delight.
Jucce MAX Bubblegum Mint
Jucce MAX Grape Bubblegum

Grape Bubblegum

Marvellously melds the sweet delight of bubblegum with the lush, juicy notes of ripe grapes. This intoxicating blend is an ode to carefree summer days, delivering a taste sensation as whimsical and as joyous as a purple sunset. On the first inhale, the flavourful charm of sweet, pink bubblegum effervescently spreads across your senses. This familiar note nostalgically recreates the innocent joys of childhood, replicating the moment when the sugary burst of a fresh piece of bubblegum unravels on your tongue.

Mango Strawberry

Refreshingly intertwines the rich, exotic notes of mango with the sweet allure of ripe strawberries. This charismatic blend is a sun-soaked tropical getaway, offering a beautiful tango of flavours reminiscent of a playful, vibrant beachside celebration. From the very first inhale, the succulent taste of ripe mango coats your senses. This flavourful note perfectly encapsulates the lush delight of biting into a ripe mango, its golden nectar bursting with tropical allure.
Jucce MAX Mango Strawberry
Jucce MAX Strawberry Melon

Strawberry Melon

Masterfully weaves together the tender kiss of ripe strawberries with the cooling succulence of fresh melon. This delightful blend is a testament to summer’s abundant bounty, creating an experience as refreshing and light-hearted as a warm day spent picnicking in a blooming meadow. Upon the first inhale, the heartwarming sweetness of ripe strawberries gently graces your senses. This flavour mirror captures the heartening experience of biting into a plump, juicy strawberry, with its robust sweetness exploding in delight.


Perfectly encapsulates the essence of a refreshing, homemade lemonade. This uplifting blend reminisces of sun-soaked days and leisurely afternoons, offering an experience as rejuvenating and effervescent as a golden sun sparkling on clear, crisp waters. As you take the first inhale, a burst of freshly squeezed lemon zest greets your senses and instantly revitalizes your taste buds. This impeccable citrus note precisely captures the aromatic delight of sun-ripened lemons, conjuring images of fragrant groves swaying gently in a Mediterranean breeze.
Jucce MAX Lemonade
Jucce MAX Strawberry


Embodies the luscious allure of fresh-picked strawberries. This iconic blend crafts an experience as heartwarming and soothing as a leisurely stroll through a vibrant strawberry field on a warm, sunny day. From the very first inhale, the robust flavour of ripe strawberries tenderly blossoms on your palate. This authentic note imitates the delightful sensation of biting into a succulent strawberry, its natural sweetness and subtle tartness culminating into a symphony of flavours.

Blue Razz Strawberry

Expertly combines the electrifying, exotic allure of Blue Razz with the unequivocal sweetness of ripe strawberries. This stunning blend creates a culinary performance as thrilling and invigorating as a meteor shower illuminating a midnight sky. From the initial inhale, the energetic and mystical taste of Blue Razz sweeps across your senses. This tantalising note emulates the unique sensation of biting into the exotic Blue Razz, its dazzling tanginess eliciting a thrill with every breath.
Jucce MAX BLue Razz Strawberry
Jucce MAX Blackcurrant Ice

Blackcurrant Ice

Beautifully marries the rich, velvety notes of ripe blackcurrants with the crisp articulation of ice. This breathtaking blend crafts an experience as exhilarating and refreshing as an alpine breeze sweeping across a lush, resplendent forest. The adventure begins with your first inhale, as the deep, candied essence of sun-ripened blackcurrants elegantly washes over your palate. This delightful note accurately recreates the luxurious experience of savouring lush blackcurrant, its sweet, slightly tart nectar brimming with depth and complexity.

The Advantages of Jucce Max E-liquids

Here’s why Jucce Max E-liquids should be your prime vaping choice:

  1. Quality Ingredients: Each Jucce Max E-liquid is crafted from premium quality ingredients sourced meticulously for freshness and purity. It’s this uncompromising commitment to quality that ensures a rich, robust flavour and a smooth, soothing vape with every puff.
  2. Innovative Flavours: Choosing Jucce Max means you never limit yourself. Our E-liquids boast an extensive array of tantalising flavour profiles. From the serene sweetness of ripe strawberries to the frosty refreshment of a blackcurrant ice blend, our dynamic flavour inventory caters to every palate, mood and preference.
  3. Artful Blends: Our blends aren’t just a simple mix of flavours. They represent a thoughtful, artful interplay of notes, each designed to complement and augment the others. The resulting vape is an intricately layered experience, striking a masterful balance between bold taste and subtlety.
  4. Crafted with Passion & Precision: Behind every Jucce Max E-liquid is a team of flavour wizards who take utmost care while crafting each blend. It’s a process anchored in precision and passion, and you can taste that dedication in every drag.
  5. Safe & Regulatory Compliant: We’re committed to the well-being of our consumers. All our E-liquids are manufactured in clean, state-of-the-art facilities and comply with all relevant regulatory standards, ensuring a safe vaping experience.
  6. Vibrant Packaging: They say you eat with your eyes first. The same goes for vaping. Our striking packaging is designed to mirror the quality and vibrancy of the e-liquid within, elevating your vaping experience right from the moment you lay eyes on the bottle.
  7. Customer Satisfaction: High-quality products require high-quality service. And we ensure that your experience with Jucce Max extends beyond the exquisite taste of our E-Liquids. Our dedication to customer service ensures that your satisfaction always remains at the heart of our operation.

From the quality of our ingredients to the comprehensive flavour profiles, from our passion for craftsmanship to our adherence to standards, there’s no doubt that Jucce Max E-liquids are a cut above the rest.

Maximum Taste with Jucce MAX Disposable Pods

Jucce Max Disposable Pods are your ultimate vaping partner, designed for a hassle-free and convenient vaping experience with your Jucce Bar device and crafted with high-quality materials, these pods promise exemplary performance with flawless flavour delivery, embodying the true nature of style and substance.

Featuring 6 delicious flavours matched with a new 9mg nicotine strength, your vaping sessions are about to soar to the next level.

Explore MAX Disposable Pod flavours

Our 6 tantalising flavours are a feast for your senses. Engage in an appealing aromatic adventure through each distinct taste profile, specifically designed to tantalise varying taste buds:

Blue Razz

Beautifully infusing the exotic zest of Blue Razz, this unparalleled blend crafts an experience as thrilling and invigorating as a tempestuous yet alluring midnight sea voyage under a vibrant aurora-filled sky. From your first inhale, you are embraced by the potent and captivating flavour of Blue Razz, its unique tang tingling and tantalising your senses. This exotic note perfectly recreates the divine sensation of tasting the enigmatic Blue Razz, its vibrant tanginess teasing your taste buds to create an exhilarating vape experience.
Jucce MAX blue razz
Jucce MAX blue razz lemonade

Blue Razz Lemonade

This extraordinary duet crafts an experience as mesmerizing and invigorating as gazing into a serene, aqua oasis on a warm summer day. From the very first draw, the charismatic blend of Blue Razz swirls exquisitely with the playful tang of lemonade. This union recreates the divine sensation of relishing a tall, icy glass of Blue Razz Lemonade, tantalising your taste buds and enchanting your senses.

Kiwi Guava Passion Fruit

Masterfully marries the tangy note of kiwi, the delicate sweetness of guava, and the exotic allure of passion fruit. This triumphant trifecta creates a symphony as captivating and satisfying as a tropical sunset viewed from a pristine, sandy beach. Your flavour journey commences with an audacious punch of kiwi sweetness, its vibrant tang taking centre stage with a commanding presence. This initial note beautifully mirrors the tart, refreshing bite of a juicy, ripe kiwi, invigorating your senses and setting the stage for the flavours that follow.
Jucce MAX kiwi guava passion fruit
Jucce MAX lemon lime

Lemon Lime

Entwines the zesty crispness of lemons with the refreshing tang of limes. This melodious fusion cultivates an experience as invigorating and dynamic as a cool spring morning in a vibrant orchard bursting to life under the warmth of the sun. The flavour journey ignites with a swift burst of lemon zest, its sharp, clean profile making a cheerful entry onto your palate. This first note accurately mirrors the experience of biting into a fresh, juicy lemon, awakening your senses with its delightful tangy rush.

Lemon Peach Passion Fruit

Pairs the revitalising zest of lemons with the mellow sweetness of peach, and the rousing exotic tang of passion fruit. This supreme trio orchestrates a symphony as enthralling and enchanting as a serene sunset by the seaside, casting a tropical spell on your senses. Your flavourful exploration commences with an awakening burst of lemon zest, the sharp, fresh tang commanding the centre stage and charming your senses. From this first note, every drag echoes the vivacity of a juicy lemon, sparking life into your vaping experience.
Jucce MAX lemon peach passion fruit
Jucce MAX watermelon ice

Watermelon Ice

Impeccably blends the luscious nectar of juicy watermelons with a revitalizing embrace of icy coolness. This mesmerizing concoction orchestrates an experience as blissful and invigorating as a gentle breeze sweeping across a dreamy, moonlit watermelon patch. Each inhale is greeted by the irresistible taste of sun-kissed watermelon, its honeyed, natural sweetness blooming on your palate. This flavour echoes the enchanting sensation of biting into a tender slice of ripe watermelon, a tender homage to the unparalleled freshness of nature’s summer bounty.

Introducing the New 9mg Nicotine Strength

Vaping is personal; thus, we recognise the need to introduce varying nicotine strengths. Our new 9 mg nicotine strength will deliver a smoother throat hit and more controlled nicotine intake, providing an ideal balance between satisfaction and intensity.

The Advantages of Jucce Max Disposable Pods

In the ever-evolving world of vaping, the quest for superior quality never ceases. As vapers, we yearn for an extraordinary experience, with enhanced flavour profiles, user-friendly designs, and supreme consistency. At the forefront of meeting these cardinal indulgences is the Jucce Max Disposable Pods. Here’s why they should be your first pick:

  1. Incredible Flavour Range: Jucce Max offers a sensational roster of flavours. From the tropical charm of Passion Fruit to the zesty hit of Lemon Lime, there’s a perfect pick for every palate, promising an immersive cloud of flavourful bliss.
  2. Premium Quality: Jucce Max prides itself on its meticulous quality control, ensuring that each pod facilitates an optimal, reliable vaping experience. Their products are tested and refined to perfection, providing you with the assurance of transcendent satisfaction.
  3. User-Friendly Design: Jucce Max pods sport a sleek, compact, and ergonomic design, making them not just aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly practical. Their easy-to-use setup is ideal both for novice vapers just exploring the terrain and veterans seeking an effortless, go-to vaping solution. Simply click a pod into your Jucce Bar device and you’re good to go.
  4. Puff Consistency: With Jucce Max, every puff is as gratifying as the first. The pods feature an advanced delivery system promising consistent vapour output, ensuring each inhalation is a perfect blend of taste and satisfaction. With up to 1200 puffs per pack for just £5.99, you can’t go wrong!
  5. Environmentally Friendly: Jucce Max upholds an environmental commitment by crafting disposable pods for Jucce Bar, designed to minimise waste. Their products are a perfect amalgamation of fun, flavour, and steadfast responsibility towards our environment.
  6. Affordability: Offering a perfect equilibrium of price and premium experience, Jucce Max pods bring accessible luxury to the vaping world. The pricing models are consumer-friendly, making the taste of quality and consistency affordable. The price starts from just £9.99 making it a consumer-friendly choice, that provides taste, quality and affordability.

How to get your hands on the MAX range

Stepping into the delightful world of Jucce MAX has never been easier! With just a single click, you can unlock the gateway to an elevated vaping journey like no other. Gone are the days of compromise; it’s time to immerse yourself in the unparalleled realm of quality, flavour, and satisfaction that Jucce MAX e-liquids and disposable pods have to offer.

Ready for the MAX Experience?

Jucce MAX is more than just an e-liquid or disposable pod flavour; it is your dependable vaping companion. It is a testament to our dedication to quality, an ode to our passion for refinement, and a symbol of your discerning taste. It’s an adventure that captivates your senses and keeps you coming back, time and time again.

Elevate to the MAX range and experience the superior vaping pleasure of our Jucce MAX E-Liquids and Disposable Pods. Together, we can redefine and ‘MAX’imise your vaping pleasure.


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