Jucce Bar

(8 customer reviews)
(8 customer reviews)


The Jucce bar is the perfect accessory to style up your vaping experience. The sleek and stylish Jucce Bar is compact in size, allowing you to take it on the go with ease, and the luxurious finish makes it stand out. Pair with one of our mouth-watering Jucce Bar Disposable pods (sold separately), to customise your vaping experience for every mood. Whether you grab just one or collect them all, there’s a colour that matches your style.

The Jucce Bar rechargeable vape kit, featuring a built-in 500mAh battery, offers users an elegant and user-friendly vaping experience. It comes with disposable pods filled with either 2ml of 0mg or 12mg nic salts, providing a satisfyingly smooth vape. Each individual pod offers up to 600 puffs and are available in a range of mouth-watering flavours, selected from Jucce’s best-selling ranges. Offered in five stunning finishes, including the limited edition gold device, this kit is a sleek choice for vapers at any experience level.

Jucce Bar colours

Choose your favourite or collect them all!


Our cool grey Jucce Bar gives off an aura of style and sophistication, perfect for the classy vaper. This kit isn’t just functional; it’s a class act.


Turn heads with the red Jucce Bar vape kit. It’s smart, sleek and impossible to ignore. A true statement piece, this vape kit is a piece of modern art in your hand.


The tranquil blue Jucce Bar vape kit represents peace and relaxation. It’s the ideal companion for serene, unwinding moments of your day.


Let nature inspire your vape style with the vibrant green Jucce Bar vape kit. Paired with a smooth black mouthpiece, this kit is beautiful, bold and elegant.


Treat yourself to our exclusive, limited edition gold Jucce Bar vape kit. With its sleek, shiny appearance, this vape kit is the gold standard in vaping experience.


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Free Standard
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Key Features

Rechargeable Battery

Compact and Portable



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  1. matthias

    Love Love Love this Jucce Bar. How does it make flavours taste so great. It’s like magic. Well done Jucce. Are you planning any more flavours?

  2. neil

    The deep blue of this vape ensures I never lose it. As far as operation is concerned, I have frequently handled a product so well made and sleek. It looks great at any occasion

  3. neil

    Smashing vape, in my opinion knocks the socks off Elf

  4. Viorica Miulescu

    I just bought the red device ad Blue Raspberry flavour pods and I love it. Very easy, click and go! Highly recommended this product. Ica

  5. Chanice


  6. Darragh liddy

    Very good feel and looks better the the chunky elf bars that a use.

  7. Ana-Maria

    Very good service, high-quality products, fast and professional delivery!!! The best disposable pod and very pretty color.

  8. Carron Clark

    Absolutely love it click and go no button no messing, small discreet perfect ?

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