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Zero Nicotine, Full Flavour: 0mg Disposable Pods

Nicotine-free vaping is on the rise, and they offer the full vaping experience minus nicotine, a choice worth exploring for those interested in a purely flavour-focused vape or for vapers who are aiming to stay away from nicotine. Here’s a look at why these Zero Nicotine pods are gaining popularity and why you might choose them. 

An Easy Entry Point 

Zero Nicotine disposable pods make vaping easy for beginners. There’s no need to think about nicotine levels, making it simpler. Plus, you don’t have to learn about changing coils, refills, or handling batteries. All you do is use it, enjoy it, and when it’s finished, throw it away responsibly. It’s as easy as that. 

A Health-Conscious Choice 

Vaping is sometimes viewed as a better choice than smoking, and 0mg pods take this a step further by cutting out nicotine. This lets people vape without touching nicotine, which is addictive and linked to health issues. It creates a healthier vaping option that doesn’t lead to dependency. 

The Social Aspect 

Vaping is often a social activity, and Zero Nicotine disposable pods mean anyone can join in, even if they don’t want nicotine. It’s all about enjoying flavours and hanging out with friends, not about needing nicotine to be part of the fun. 

A Gateway to Quitting 

For those who vape or smoke and want to cut down on nicotine, 0mg disposable pods are a great stepping stone. They provide the familiar action of vaping or smoking without nicotine, helping to make quitting easier. It’s like a helpful step in the journey to use less nicotine. 

Mouth-watering flavours 

Since there’s no nicotine, which can change how things taste, the flavours are more flavourful and stronger. Whether you like fruit, sweet, or mint flavours, they all taste better and are more intense. 

What’s available with Jucce Bar? 

Each pack gives you up to 1200 puffs (2 pods per pack) and is just £5.99. Plus, right now you can buy 5 packs and get additional 2 packs completely free. Check out our flavours: 

SPECIAL EDITION – Strawberries and Cream 

Enjoy a mix of sweet strawberry and smooth cream with each puff from our Strawberries ‘n’ Cream 0mg. It’s full of rich fruit and creamy flavours. Don’t wait – it’s a special edition and when it’s sold out, it’s gone for good! 

Watermelon Ice

This flavour is like summer in a puff, mixing sweet fruit and cool ice to make vaping refreshing and tasty. It’s great for hot days or anytime you want that chill vibe, like sipping on a cold watermelon slushie in the sunshine. 

Grape Ice

Each puff gives you a strong, sweet grape taste that’s just like eating fresh, juicy grapes. After the grape flavour hits, you’ll experience a cool icy feel, like you’re eating frozen grapes or a grape slushie. 

Blue Raspberry

This flavour captures the special and yummy taste of blue raspberry, giving you a juicy splash that’s different and delightful. It smells like your favourite summer candies and tastes super refreshing. Plus, if you want some nicotine, there’s a 12mg option that adds a little extra boost to the same great taste. 

Fruit Twist

Every puff mixes sharp fruit tastes with just a touch of cool menthol, like a cool wind on a hot day. And if you want something more in your vape, we also have this chilly fruit mix in a 12mg nicotine option. 

Very Berry

A lively mix of berry flavours cooled just right with a dash of menthol. Each puff brings a refreshing mix of some of the sweetest berries nature has to offer, giving you a cold, icy feel that reminds you of a berry patch covered in frost on a sunny winter day. And if you like your berry experience with a little extra zing, we’ve got this cool berry mix in a 12mg nicotine option too. 


Every inhale is full of the lively taste of fresh, juicy cherries, mixing sweet and sour in an enjoyable way. And for those who like a bit of nicotine in their vape, we have this delicious cherry flavour in a strong 12mg nicotine option too. 


Every puff packs the sweet, rich taste of ripe blueberries, making you feel like you’re strolling through a blueberry field on a bright day. And for those who want an extra kick, we have this invigorating blueberry flavour available in 12mg nicotine strength as well. 


A refreshing menthol blast, like a cool wind on a warm summers day. It delivers a sharp, icy feel with no nicotine, ideal for anyone wanting to enjoy the pure chill of menthol. And for those wanting a bit more excitement with their cool experience, we also offer this menthol flavour in a 12mg nicotine strength. 


A yummy flavour that grabs the warm sweetness of fresh, juicy strawberries. This tasty mix is like a sunny walk through a strawberry farm in the middle of summer. And for those who like their sweet strawberry taste with a little nicotine, we also have a 12mg option available. 

Cherry Cola

This pod nails the timeless, much-loved flavour of cola with a fun burst of cherry, mixing the classic sweet fizziness with the lively, tart taste of cherry. It feels just like enjoying your favourite cherry cola drink, but in a vape form and without any nicotine. For those who like a little buzz with their vaping, we’ve also made this tempting cherry cola flavour available with 12mg of nicotine. 

Exotic Mango

Brings the rich sweetness and full, lively taste of a tropical mango, making you feel like you’re in a sunny paradise every time you take a puff. This is a nicotine-free treat, delivering the fresh, heady scent and flavour of mangoes in an easy-to-use disposable pod for your Jucce Bar. And for those who want that same tropical pleasure with a bit of nicotine, we’ve got a 12mg option of our Exotic Mango flavour too. 

Pink Lemonade

This flavour perfectly captures the refreshing mix of sweet and sour you get from a glass of pink lemonade, blending the sharp zest of fresh lemons with a touch of sweet berries. If you like a little nicotine in your vape, we offer a nice 9mg option. It adds a soft nicotine buzz to the lively pink lemonade taste, making for a gentle throat feel. And for those who prefer a bigger nicotine boost, we have a 12mg strength version too. This higher nicotine choice intensifies the same great taste of tangy lemon and sweet berries with a more noticeable nicotine effect. 


Zero Nicotine disposable pods are more a lifestyle choice for people who want to vape without nicotine. Whether it’s for health, simplicity, or to enjoy many flavours without addiction. They show that you don’t have to have nicotine in your vape to enjoy it. Going nicotine-free might lead to a cleaner, more welcoming way of experiencing vaping. 


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