Cherry Cola E-Liquid

Fizzy Cherry Cola E-Liquid: Bubbling with Flavour

This cherry cola e-liquid is a classic fizzy cola flavour with sweet, sugary, juicy cherries packed in for a great vape. One of our favourite concoctions from our painstakingly crafted Fizz e-liquid range, this cherry cola vape juice brings a fruity twist to the timeless flavour of cola. 

Refreshing and revitalising, cherry cola is the perfect flavour for a hot summer’s day or a relaxing evening. Available in four nicotine strengths and a well-balanced 50/50 ratio of VG and PG, each bottle of this incredible e-liquid is sure to delight. 

About Fizz Cherry Cola 10ml Jucce E-Liquids 

No matter whether you prefer a fruity, sweet or fizzy vape, this cherry cola juice truly ticks all the boxes. Is it more fizz, more cola or more cherry-flavoured? Vape it to find out for yourself! 

Can’t get enough of our tongue-tingling fizzy e-liquids? Don’t forget to try the other incredible flavours in our Fizz e-liquids range. For a truly refreshing experience in a tiny bottle, try the Pink Lemonade e-liquid which combines notes of lemon and grapefruit with tongue-punching fizz. The cocktail-loving vapers among us will adore the Peach Bellini e-liquid, a flavour bringing together juicy peaches and sparkling prosecco in a delightful mix. Don’t forget to try our Sparkling Pear e-liquid for a sophisticated vape, with champagne and freshly-picked pears creating an unbeatable flavour. 

How much nicotine do I need in my e-liquid? 

Depending on your previous vaping or smoking experience, the amount of nicotine you may need in your e-juice might vary. 3mg and 6mg are fairly low doses while 12mg and 18mg are better suited to heavier smokers trying to quit. 

If in doubt, it’s always better to go for a lower nicotine strength. This is because it’s easy to take more puffs to get the nicotine levels you need from your vape. Additionally, choosing to vape nic salts with too much nicotine can cause you to feel unwell. 

What is a nic salt? 

Nic salt or nicotine salt e-liquids like Jucce’s Fizz Cherry Cola are e-liquids that use a more natural form of nicotine which is mixed with benzoic acid to help it be absorbed into the body. As a result of this easier absorption, nic salts can be absorbed by the body in as little as 6 seconds, providing a rapid nicotine hit from your juice. 

What are Jucce e-liquids made of? 

Jucce e-liquids are carefully crafted using Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), food-grade flavourings and nicotine. Fizz Cherry Cola juice has an equal proportion of VG and PG, making it perfectly suited to use in a pod kit such as the NVee Vape Pod. 

If your vape is a pod kit, simply refill your pod and click it into place on your device! 

Are Jucce e-liquids TPD compliant? 

Yes, all of our vape juices are fully compliant with the UK and EU TPD regulations. Our 10ml bottles of juice come with a tamper-evident and child-safe cap for your peace of mind and contain up to 18mg of nicotine. 

How long will Jucce Fizz Cherry Cola last me? 

Depending on how frequently you vape, these little bottles of cherry cola e-liquid can last a long time. If used with the NVee Refillable Pods, one bottle will last you up to 10 refills for long-lasting vaping. 


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