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7 Must-Try Vape Tricks for Beginners

Curious about beginner vape tricks to wow your circle?

Want to make your vaping more exciting and show off a bit, learning some beginner vape tricks is a great idea. We’ve created a guide to help you master the 7 coolest vape tricks that are perfect for beginners.

These tricks range from simple ones, which are quick to learn, to ones that are a bit more challenging but still fun. Doing these tricks can be a great way to enjoy vaping even more and show off your skills to friends. We’ll guide you through each trick with step-by-step instructions, so you can easily try them out no matter your skill level.

So, if you’re looking to spice up your vaping sessions, keep an eye out for our guide. Practicing these tricks will not only make vaping more fun but also turn you into the life of the party. Just remember, keep practicing, and soon you’ll be able to do all these tricks like a pro!

Dive into the world of vape artistry with activities ranging from the classic French Inhale to the crowd-pleasing O-rings. Our beginner’s tutorial is here to demystify the basics and set you up for the more complex manoeuvres.

We will explore vape tricks that beginners can master in no time, ready for you to impress your friends.

  1. The Waterfall
  2. The Tornado
  3. Ghost Inhales
  4. Blowing O’s
  5. The Dragon
  6. French Inhale
  7. The Bane Trick

Let’s get puffing and put your skills to the test!

The Waterfall Vape Trick

The Waterfall vape trick is remarkably straightforward, making it accessible for anyone to try. This trick involves gently releasing vapour onto a flat surface to create a captivating, thick cloud that lingers on the surface.

Begin by inhaling the vapour and hold the vapour in your mouth for a short time period. Then, position your mouth a few centimetres above the surface and exhale slowly allowing the vapour to escape and settle onto the surface without forcefully exhaling. Just let the vapour drift out naturally from your mouth.

Achieving this effect is simpler with a high VG e-liquid or a more potent device, such as a vape mod or disposable vape because they can produce more voluminous vape clouds. However, any vaping device can be used for this trick.

Or this trick can also be executed using a bottle or similar container to push the smoke onto the surface.

The Tornado Vape Trick

The inhaling technique for tornado may seem intricate, but it’s quite simple—it’s merely an extension of the waterfall trick. After you’ve allowed your vapour to settle on a flat surface, gently use your hand to lift the vapour upwards, fashioning it into a spiral resembling a tornado.

This trick is visually striking yet surprisingly easy to perform, and it’s sure to amaze your friends!

Ghost Inhales Vape Trick

How to do a ghostie? The ghost vape trick involves releasing a dense, ball-shaped cloud, and swiftly drawing it back in. This trick, while appearing complex, is achievable with some practice.

To perform the ghost inhale trick, take a deep draw of vapour but hold it in your mouth without inhaling. Allow the vapour to linger for a few moments, then use your tongue to push it out gently, avoiding exhaling. Once the vapour exits your mouth, quickly inhale it back in.

Mastering the ghost smoke can be beneficial as it lays the groundwork for learning more advanced tricks.

Blowing O’s Vape Trick

Mastering the art of blowing O’s (smoke ring) with vapour may be challenging initially, yet with consistent practice, it becomes second nature.

To blow O’s, retain the vapour in your mouth without inhaling, then form your lips into an tight o shape. It’s hard to explain, but you will need to build up pressure in your throat and then push the vapour with a controlled throat pulse.

It may not be easy on your first few attempts, but determination will pay off. After a few successful tries, you’ll find it simpler, and learning this technique is essential for performing more advanced tricks.

For better O’s, you can refine your technique by slightly jutting your jaw forward for extra speed and distance, and by extending your tongue as you release the vapour ring for added backspin and to maintain the rings’ tight formation.

The Dragon Vape Trick

The Dragon trick impresses by simultaneously exhaling vapour from the corners of your mouth and nose, creating a captivating visual effect that amazes your friends.

To execute this trick, first, fill the smoke in your mouth. Then, simultaneously exhale through your nose while letting some of the vapour escape through the corners of your mouth.

Ensure the middle part of your mouth is closed while keeping the corners loose enough to allow vapour to pass through. Even though this might seem tricky to exhale through both your nose and mouth at the same time but, this will become easier. Practice to perfect!

French Inhale Vape Trick

The French Inhale is an effortless yet visually striking technique. What you need to do is draw vapour into your mouth, then overhang your bottom lip slightly and gently release the vapour. Immediately afterwards, begin inhaling through your nose. If performed correctly, the remaining vapour in your mouth will cascade up and be inhaled nasally.

With some dedicated practice, you’ll soon master the French Inhale, setting you up to tackle the next trick on your list!

The Bane Trick Vape Trick

The Bane Inhale stands out as one of the most visually captivating vaping tricks, garnering significant admiration when perfected.

Once you’ve honed your French Inhale skills, you’re ready to progress to the Bane Inhale. The key here is to first concentrate on making the vapour in your mouth as thick as possible.

Once you’ve got that down, slightly open your mouth and project your bottom lip forward, encouraging the vapour to rise towards your nose, similar to the French Inhale.

The twist for the Bane effect is to position your teeth so they obstruct the vapour’s path. Forcing it to escape through the gaps between your teeth, thus creating a distinctive Bane look.


For those who are new to vape tricks, we suggest using a quality sub-ohm device paired with a high VG e-liquid. This combination produces denser vapour clouds, making it easier for beginners.

We recommend the e-liquids from our  Vape Jucce collection, particularly in our 70/30 VG blends, which are suited for performing various vape tricks. Using high-quality e-liquids means the optimal vapour production for your trick-learning journey.


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