Jucce Salts Watermelon E-liquid

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Taste summer in every puff with the juicy and mouth-watering Jucce Salts Watermelon e-liquid. This delicate yet deeply satisfying flavour promises to add a delightful touch to your vaping experience.

Upon inhaling, your senses will be caressed by a refreshing and subtly sweet waved, reflecting the succulent nature of a ripe watermelon. The Watermelon E-liquid is explicitly curated for those who desire the tantalising freshness of watermelon while maintaining their contemporary lifestyle. It’s an optimal choice for fruit enthusiasts on a quest for authentic, vibrant flavours, and for those who appreciate countless avenues for gratification.

Exemplifying the height of adaptability, Jucce Salts Watermelon E-liquid is designed to accommodate the diverse preferences of vapers, from novices to seasoned, thanks to its extensive range of nicotine strengths. Whether you’re merely getting started with vaping with a low nicotine choice or you’re after a more intense experience with a high nicotine strength, our Watermelon E-liquid effortlessly caters to your every wish.

But, the journey doesn’t stop here; our Watermelon E-liquid is just the beginning of the vast array of taste adventures that Jucce e-liquids promise. A wide range of options awaits, featuring Classic, a tip of the hat to well-loved flavours; Tropical, a sunny sensory interlude; Ice, delivering a refreshingly cool twist; Candy, a tribute to those with a sweet tooth; Fizz, introducing a sparkling thrill to your vaping voyage; Juccier, a riot of intensified taste celebration; and MAX, the summit of your vaping experience. With Jucce Salts, we guarantee there’s a perfect blend to harmonise with every single taste and preference.


  • 3mg: Vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavour (contains ethyl maltol), nicotine salicylate (nicotine equivalent <0.3%).
  • 6mg: Vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavour (contains ethyl maltol), nicotine salicylate (nicotine equivalent <0.5%).
  • 12mg: Vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavour (contains ethyl maltol), nicotine salicylate (nicotine equivalent <1.1%).
  • 18mg: Vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavour (contains ethyl maltol), nicotine salicylate (nicotine equivalent <1.6%).

Our e-liquids collection has something for everyone. With affordable options and jam-packed flavours, our 10ml freebase, shortfills and nic salts are perfect for all vapers. Get ready for a serious flavour makeover for your vape!

Experience the Jucce difference: our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality products, coupled with exceptional customer satisfaction. Discover our extensive range of flavours, designed for a multitude of vape devices, catering to vapers of all levels. Elevate your vaping experience with Jucce and embrace the taste sensation.
Another great thing about us is our subscription service. Take your pick from our mouth-watering range of vape juice, shortfills, and vape kit additions and have them delivered straight to your doorstep. Never run out of your favourite flavours again. And the best part? You can earn points with every subscription order which can be used for discounts on our online vape shop. Plus, free standard delivery throughout the UK. It doesn’t get any better than this!

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Key Features

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Mouth watering flavours

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  1. Aaliyah Patel

    Jucce Salts Watermelon E-liquid has taken my vaping to another level! Tastes just like freshly sliced watermelon. Super refreshing!

  2. Marie Boucher

    Hands down, this is the smoothest, most satisfying watermelon vape juice out there. Well done, Jucce Salts!

  3. Tariq Al-Hakim

    Every puff is pure bliss. I simply can’t get enough of Jucce Salts Watermelon E-liquid!

  4. Abel Mwangi

    So impressed with how good this is! This is my new favourite for a cool, refreshing vape.

  5. Giulia Romano

    I’ve found my perfect match. The watermelon flavour and the nicotine hit is just right.

  6. Mia Bjornstad

    If you love watermelon, look no further. Very enjoyable flavour.

  7. Hiroshi Nakamura

    Delightful watermelon flavour and a perfect finish. Jucce Salts really provides a top-notch vape experience.

  8. Luisa Martinez

    I finally found a watermelon e-liquid I love! Jucce has captured the essence of juicy watermelon perfectly.

  9. Chen We

    This e-liquid is awesome. The flavour balance is perfect, and it? so smooth. I’m now a loyal Jucce Salts user!

  10. Mona Hassani

    Not usually a fan of fruit flavours, but Jucce Salts Watermelon E-liquid has won me over. Beyond satisfying!

  11. Ifeanyi Adebayo

    Never thought I’d come across such an authentic watermelon taste in a vape juice. Jucce, you’ve nailed it!

  12. Mikhail Abramov

    By far the best watermelon vape juice I’ve tried. Jucce Salts has exceeded all my expectations.

  13. Lyla Cohen

    Obsessed with this flavour! Tastes so real, just like biting into a sweet, ripe watermelon.

  14. Diego Silva

    I’ve been vaping Jucce Salts Watermelon E-liquid all week – now it’s all I want. Truly top-quality!

  15. Priya Kapoor

    A perfect blend of freshness and flavour. Jucce, you’ve seriously raised the bar for e-liquids!

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