Black Lychee 50ml Shortfill

£10.00 or £8.50 / month

If you’ve never tasted lychee, we could describe its flavour as the ideal medley of grape, watermelon, and pear, with a slight rose undertone. We’ve combined this uniquely delicious taste with the pop of luscious blackcurrants and a refreshing minty sparkle to bring you our Juccier Black Lychee Shortfill E-liquid. How would you describe the lychee’s flavour? Available in a convenient 50ml size, with extra space for you to mix in a nic shot if you wish.

Whether you want your Black Lychee shortfill e-liquid as a 10ml e-liquid or a nicotine-free 50ml shortfill bottle, our options are always affordable and jam-packed full of flavour – sure to suit all types of vapers and a variety of vape kits.


Vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavour (contains water, triacetin, ethyl lactate, ws-23, ws-3, ethyl maltol, acetic acid, propionic acid, rasberry ketone). This product does not contain nicotine.

Our shortfills collection has something for everyone. With affordable options and jam-packed flavours, our 10ml freebase, shortfills and nic salts are perfect for all vapers. Get ready for a serious flavour makeover for your vape!

Experience the Jucce difference: our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality products, coupled with exceptional customer satisfaction. Discover our extensive range of flavours, designed for a multitude of vape devices, catering to vapers of all levels. Elevate your vaping experience with Jucce and embrace the taste sensation.

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Key Features

High Quality

Easy Pour Nozzle

Mouth watering flavours

Added Room For Nicotine Shot Mixing

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