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Now there’s no excuse to say “I wish this had less nicotine” with our NEW OMG it’s 0mg Disposable Pods!

Enjoy a full-flavour experience with our 0mg Jucce Bar Disposable Pods. Our pods contain zero nicotine but still bring you amazing flavour.

Now available in 12 mouth-watering flavours, including 2 new additions exclusively for 0mg: Watermelon Ice and Grape Ice.

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NEW: Strawberries and Cream

Watermelon Ice

Blue Raspberry Ice


Cherry Cola

Exotic Mango

Fruit Twist Ice


Pink Lemonade


Very Berry Ice

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How do I use a Jucce Bar?

Jucce Bars come with their built-in batteries fully charged and ready to go. First, pull the flavour release tag from the top of the disposable pod. This allows the flavour to infuse the coil, providing the best vapour and flavour. After waiting 60 seconds, you can click your disposable pod into the vape kit and take a drag to start vaping.

Are the vape pods refillable?

No, these disposable pods come pre-filled with 2ml of e-liquid and cannot be refilled when this is used up. Instead, you should throw away the empty disposable pod and buy a replacement. If you're looking for a device that uses a refillable vape pod or tank, check out our other vape kits here.

How do I charge the Jucce Bar?

To charge, just plug the USB Type-C charging cable into the device and use it with a wall socket. Make sure to use the charging cable that is included with your vape; this cable ensures that the correct voltage is used to charge your vape device

Is the Jucce Bar better than a disposable vape?

We certainly think so! Here are some comparisons between the Jucce Bar and disposable vapes such as Elf Bars or Elux:


While single-use disposable vapes last around 600 puffs (a few days to a few weeks) and then must be thrown away, rechargeable e-cigarettes like the Jucce Bar can be recharged and used again and again.


At only £4 for the device, the Jucce Bar is cheaper than many disposable vapes, including the Elf Bar (at most retailers). The disposable pods only cost a few pounds each, making replacing the pods far cheaper than buying new disposable vapes.


With draw-activated firing and no coil replacements or e-liquid refills to fiddle with, the Jucce Bar is similar to your favourite disposable vape pen. Both are equally convenient and simple to use; the main difference is that the Jucce Bar allows you to click the pods in and out of place using the user-friendly magnetic connection.

Nicotine content

While many of the disposable vapes on the market contain 20mg nicotine, our pre-filled e-liquid pods contain only 12mg. This makes Jucce Bar pods ideal for vapers who are conscious of their nicotine intake and want to reduce the amount of nicotine they are vaping.

What is a mesh coil?

The Jucce Bar disposable pods use mesh coils, which are coils made of a thin sheet of metal with holes punched in it to make it look like mesh. This type of coil is used instead of a traditional wire coil because it lasts longer due to the more even heating of the wick. These coils also help produce pure and strong flavours from your e-liquid.

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