what is vg/pg

What is VG/PG?

Have you heard of VG/PG Ratios and how they impact your vaping sessions? Let’s take a closer look at the differences between the most popular ratios: 50/50, 70/30, and 85/15.

50/50: The Perfect Balance of Flavour and Vapour

At the heart of every e-liquid, there’s a delicate balance between VG and PG. With a 50/50 ratio, you can have your cake and vape it too. This ratio combines the smoothness of PG with the vapour production of VG to deliver the best of both worlds. Enjoy the full depth of flavour without sacrificing on vapour density.

70/30: High VG for Sub-Ohm Magic

Step into the cloud realm with a 70/30 ratio, where VG takes centre stage and vapour production reigns supreme. With its thicker consistency, VG transforms your vaping sessions into a mesmerising foggy experience. Perfect for sub-ohm vapers who want to carve up the skies. The lower PG means you get less of a throat hit compared to a 50/50 blend, but don’t worry, our flavour profiles are still as rich as ever.

85/15: Very High VG for Cloud Chasers

Enter the realm of very high VG with an 85/15 ratio and prepare for an experience like no other. This blend is crafted to meet the needs of cloud chasers and sub-ohm enthusiasts who want to command the elements and unleash towering plumes of vapour. While the throat hit is greatly reduced, these VG heavy mixes truly bring the intricate flavor notes of each of our premium flavors to life and will astound your senses.

Whichever VG/PG Ratios you choose, rest assured that all of our e-liquids are lovingly crafted by our expert alchemists with the finest ingredients available. Unlock the magic of VG and PG and treat yourself to a truly mesmerising vaping experience that will make you see clouds in a whole new light.

Are you ready to create clouds of wonder and flavour that will leave you bewitched? Explore our e-liquid collection now and find your perfect blend.


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