We all know the facts about vaping – it’s 95% healthier than smoking, it helps 20,000 people quit smoking every year, it saves the average user over £3000 a year on cigarettes yada yada – so why aren’t more people giving up the ‘cancer sticks’ and adopting the vaping way? Try it for yourself this VApril!

Yeah, we don’t know either. Vaping has been life-changing for millions of people in the UK. It’s made them feel healthier, fitter, more sociable, less ostracised, and less conscious about the impact smoking has on their teeth and skin and even their smell. So why is it that 40% of UK smokers are yet to try it? 

As phenomenal as the rise of vaping has been, we’re not just a vaping business. We’re also proud ambassadors for vaping and we don’t shy away from the benefits. That’s why we’re supporting VApril 2019


VApril is the nationwide vaping education and awareness month in the UK, and we’re totally on board with the message. Fronted by TV’s Dr Christian Jessen, and running for only the second year, VApril focuses on encouraging the UK’s 7 million remaining smokers to switch to vaping and discover for themselves how great it can be for their health (and their pockets). 

As popular as it is, vaping still suffers from a serious case of mixed messaging and scare-mongering among tabloid newspaper readers. This is despite the ringing endorsements from such luminaries as Public Health England, Cancer Research UK and many more. 

So the VApril website gives existing vapers a chance to speak up for vaping and share their inspirational stories. Plus it provides help, advice, and step-by-step guides for wannabe vapers to make the switch from smoking and finally chuck the ciggie habit. And it clearly sets out the facts about vaping to shut down the doomsayers once and for all (we can only hope). 

Vapers are part of a growing and thriving 3 million-strong community. VApril 2019 is a fantastic initiative where the vaping industry has come together to promote the benefits of vaping. So are you going to join us and help spread the message? 



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