E-cigs and vape liquids have come a long way since they were first created in 2003 and have become a hugely successful way of helping many quit smoking.

An e-cigarette can help manage the unpleasant side-effects of nicotine withdrawal that can be the downfall of even the most motivated quitters. And, unlike cigarettes, they don’t come with the dangerous chemicals cigarette smokers suck down their lungs.

So how do e-cigarettes help you control your nicotine cravings? The answer is shortfills.


Shortfills are simply bottles of nicotine-free vape liquid that aren’t completely filled so you can add an unflavoured shot of nicotine, or a nic shot, or also called a nicotine booster. For example, at Vape-Jucce our shortfills come in 60ml bottles with 50ml of liquid, leaving enough room for 1 x 10ml nic shot.

To complete your shortfill just add your liquid and nicotine shot together. Adding the 10ml nic shot to a 50ml shortfill will make a complete bottle of 3mg e-liquid.


Shortfill calculators, or nic shot calculators, or just nicalc, are used to measure out the right amount of nicotine to top up the vape liquid. They make the whole process easier and replicable. Calculators can be web-based, or you can download them to your phone or laptop.

To find the right amount of nicotine to add you’ll need to think about the nicotine “hit” you want. The calculation is based on:

  1. The volume of nicotine-free juice – this is the amount of flavoured juice in the shortfill BEFORE anything has been added
  2. The strength of the nicotine shot you have – this will be the strength of the 10ml nic shot (18mg in our store)
  3. The overall nic strength you want your final juice to be AFTER adding nicotine.

Then just multiply the strength in mg/ml by the number of mls to get your ideal shortfill measure, i.e. how many nic shots (or part shots) you’ll need to add to the base juice. It might sound complicated but it’s quite simple and you can always ask us if you’re stuck.


Creating your own shortfill can be much more fun than buying it off the shelf. It just needs a bit of advanced prep:

Step 1: Choose the base shortfill  – the flavoured vape liquid with no nicotine. We sell it in 50ml bottles and in 24 flavours – in our classic, tropical and cocktail fruit mix ranges – which can be used on their own

Step 2: Choose the nicotine booster

Step 3: Pour your nic shot(s) into the shortfill bottle. Make you remove the shortfill bottle nozzle first!

Step 4: Close and shake the bottle

Step 5: Let it rest (or “steep”) for up to 48 hours. You can start using it straight away after mixing but it might not be fully developed

Bear in mind that nic shots are flavourless, so the more you add the more you’ll dilute the base flavour.


The addition of the preservative benzoic acid is what makes nic salt different from standard e-liquid.  It makes vapes easier to inhale and prevents the burning sensation on the back of the throat, although some users might experience a little irritation. Many (ex)smokers prefer to use nic salts variants in e-liquids.


There are so many choices from tobacco, for those who need to connect more to their old habit, to classic flavours like tropical, banana, menthol and strawberry, to name just a few. The choice is yours! Go to https://vape-jucce.com/eliquid-shop to see our full range of tasty flavours.

Be warned though, there are some substances you shouldn’t add to your shortfill:

  • Products sold by unlicenced vendors
  • Cinnamon – when mixed with nicotine and vapourised it can be carcinogenic (cause cancer). It can also cause mouth and gum sores and make your tongue swell
  • Caffeine – gives an instant hit when inhaled and should be avoided if you have heart problems or high blood pressure
  • Fragrance oils – they’re fine for your house, but not for your lungs

So, in short(!), shortfill e-liquids are large bottles of nicotine-free e-juice that have some allowance in the bottle intentionally left for adding your own nicotine shots or extra flavours.

Generally, shortfills are ideal for using with sub ohm vape kits. If you don’t want to mix in your own nicotine, we have the same flavours in 10ml, in nicotine strengths of 3mg and 6mg, and even without nicotine. If you have a refillable vape kit with a coil that’s more than 1.0 ohm, we have 10ml bottles in 12mg and 18mg. Click here to check them out.

For more information about shortfills, how to use them, or anything else about our e-juice or e-cig kits, you can contact us any time, or chat with us live via the website.


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