Following the lifting of pandemic restrictions, thousands of people are planning to get away on holiday this year. Here is your complete no fluff, no-nonsense vaping guide to make sure your trip abroad goes according to plan. You’ll want to be able to vape without any issues so knowing just what you can and can’t do will prevent you from landing yourself in trouble. so here’s this blog for you be more than ready for when you are travelling abroad with e-cigarettes.

Vaping At the Airport

Your first hurdle will be when you arrive at the airport. Be warned, UK airports do not allow you to vape in their terminals. E-cigarettes are treated in the same way as regular cigarettes so use the designated outside smoking areas.

100ml or less

When going through security you can’t take liquids (like vape juice) in your hand luggage in containers that are over 100ml. Larger containers should go in the hold or be bought after you’re safely on the other side of the security gate. Luckily, your UK-bought 50ml e-liquid or 10ml shortfill can be taken through with you. You just need to make sure you allow enough space in your clear plastic bag that contains all your carry-on liquids that individually are 100ml or less (you can only take one plastic bag in your hand luggage).

carry on

Also, when going through security, in general e-cigarettes, mods, tanks, RDAs and batteries should go in your carry-on baggage. They MUST NOT be checked into the hold.


Batteries must be in new condition, and you can take no more than two. Check the batteries are up to standard so they’re not confiscated.

Check the Rules

Check the rules with the specific airport before you set off.

Vaping on the plane

Even when taking your equipment with you in your hand luggage, most airlines warn you can’t vape while on board. They’re very strict about this. Check with your airline before you go if you’re not sure.

Vaping on the plane

Vaping when you are abroad

You want your holiday memories to be happy ones, but not all countries are as accepting of vaping as we are in the UK and there could be some serious consequences if you don’t abide by local laws. 

Vaping Abroad

Again, check before you go as you never know when the rules change. Even if using e-cigarettes is allowed there may be different rules for using them to the ones in the UK, although European countries tend to be as relaxed as we are here. 

Some countries have a blanket ban on vaping, and they might be the kinds of places you don’t want to risk breaking the law. Your precious little vape might be seen as dodgy as Class A drugs in some countries. 

Conservative countries like Thailand, Dubai, Turkey, Egypt and Malaysia have a total vaping ban. You don’t want to end up with a huge fine or even a prison sentence just for having an e-cigarette. 

To muddy the waters even more, there are countries that ban the sale of e-cigarettes, but not their possession. And others won’t allow liquids containing nicotine or might not allow you to vape in public places. 

In 2019 India banned the import, production and sale of e-cigarettes because politicians were worried about the health risks to young people. You could face a hefty fine or even a prison term if you ignore their law. 

Even within individual countries, the laws can vary. For example, in some states in Australia, it is illegal to sell or buy nicotine for use in e-cigarettes unless they are being supplied or accessed through a prescription. In most states and territories, it is also illegal to use e-cigarettes in places where smoking is also illegal.  

Being able to travel again is exciting, but don’t get carried away or you may fall foul of a law you had no idea even existed. So again, do some research before you go as laws change all the time and you need to know where you stand. Above all, be sensible, always vape respectfully, and don’t end up with any nasty, and possibly life-changing, surprises.  

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