Truth about E-liquid

The Truth About E-Liquid

What is E-Liquid?

E-liquid, also known as vape juice, is the liquid used in electronic cigarettes and personal vaporisers. It typically contains four main ingredients:

  • Vegetable glycerin (VG): A thick, odourless liquid that is derived from plant oils. It produces the vapour clouds associated with vaping.
  • Propylene glycol (PG): A thin, slightly sweet liquid that helps carry flavourings and creates a throat hit.
  • Flavourings: Food-grade flavourings that give e-liquid its taste. Flavour options are endless, from tobacco and menthol to fruits, desserts, drinks, candies and more.
  • Nicotine: An optional addictive stimulant. Nicotine levels range from 0mg to 18mg or more per bottle. Most vapers use 3-12mg. Nicotine-free options are also available.

The vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol form the base that allows the flavourings and nicotine to be vaporized and inhaled. The ratio of VG to PG can vary, resulting in different vapour production and throat hits. Overall, e-liquid gives electronic cigarette users the experience of inhaling vapour with a similar feel to smoking traditional cigarettes.

How E-Liquid Works

E-liquid, also known as vape juice, is a liquid solution that’s used in vaporisers and e-cigarettes. It usually contains a combination of propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, flavourings, and often nicotine.

The e-liquid is contained in a cartridge or tank within the vaporiser. When the user inhales through the mouthpiece of the e-cigarette, a sensor triggers a heating element that heats the e-liquid solution. This turns the liquid into an inhalable vapour that the user inhales.

The vapour delivers a flavour and sensation similar to smoking, without burning tobacco. This provides an experience that many find to be an appealing alternative to traditional cigarettes. The vapour quickly dissolves into the air and does not create second-hand smoke.


E-liquid comes in an enormous variety of flavours, with over 7,000 flavours estimated to be on the market. There are flavours based on desserts, candies, fruits, beverages, tobacco, menthol, and many more options. This wide range gives vapers the freedom to customize their vaping experience to their taste preferences.
Some of the most popular e-liquid flavour categories include:

  • Fruit – fruity flavours like strawberry, mango, apple, and mixed berry are appealing options. The sweetness and acidity of fruit flavours pair well with vaping.
  • Dessert and candy – rich dessert flavours like cake, ice cream, custard, and cotton candy offer an indulgent vaping experience. Sweet candy flavours like gummy bears and sour patches are also popular.
  • Menthol and mint – menthol provides a cooling sensation, while mint delivers a refreshing taste. These flavours help replicate the feel of traditional cigarettes.
  • Beverages – e-liquids flavoured like coffee, soda, alcoholic drinks, and other beverages aim to emulate drinking your favourite cold or hot drink.
  • Tobacco – traditional tobacco flavours, provide a familiar taste for smokers switching to vaping. More exotic tobacco flavours may also available.

With so many options, vapers can explore and identify the flavours that satisfy their preferences best. The wide variety caters to different tastes while also keeping the vaping experience novel and enjoyable.

Nicotine Content

E-liquids contain varying levels of nicotine which allows vapers to customise their experience. The most common nicotine levels found in e-liquids are 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg per mL of e-liquid.

0mg contains no nicotine and is intended for those who want to vape without any nicotine intake. 3mg and 6mg are considered low levels that produce a gentle nicotine experience. 12mg provides a moderate nicotine kick and is comparable to a light cigarette. 18mg hits a stronger throat and is similar to a regular cigarette. 20mg are less common and preferred by heavy smokers.

The nicotine level chosen depends on personal preference and habits. Typically, heavier smokers who just switched to vaping opt for higher nicotine levels. As they transition off cigarettes, they can gradually step down the nicotine content over time. Lighter or social smokers often prefer lower nicotine levels. Non-smokers who just enjoy vaping with zero nicotine can opt for the 0mg juices. Having a range gives vapers flexibility to find the right nicotine satisfaction.

Making Your Own E-Liquid

Making your e-liquid at home has become a popular hobby for many vapers. This is known as DIY e-juice or DIY vape juice. There are several benefits to making your e-liquids:

  1. Control the flavour – You can create the exact flavour profile you want by mixing different flavour concentrates and percentages. No more wishing your favourite e-juice had a little more of a certain fruit or dessert taste.
  2. Choose the nicotine strength – Buy nicotine in various strengths and add just the right amount to your e-liquid. This allows for greater flexibility and customisation.
  3. Cost savings – In the long run, mixing your own can be much cheaper than buying pre-made e-juice. The only costs are the base ingredients.
  4. Fun hobby- Coming up with new flavour combinations and recipes can be an enjoyable and creative hobby for DIYers. Many vaper forums now have dedicated DIY sections.

Getting started with DIY e-juice requires some basic supplies:

  • PG/VG base – The foundation of e-liquid is a mix of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). These are mixed to achieve the preferred balance of throat hit and vapour production.
  • Nicotine – This optional ingredient comes in various concentrations so you can create anything from 0mg to high nicotine juices. Always handle nicotine safely by wearing gloves.
  • Flavour concentrates – These are focused flavourings that allow you to give your e-juice just about any taste you want. Start with a few basic fruit or dessert flavours.
  • Labware – You’ll need beakers, funnels, syringes, and mixing bottles to create the perfect blends. Many DIY e-liquid kits come with the necessary equipment.

The general process involves calculating percentages, mixing PG/VG base with nicotine, adding flavour concentrates, and allowing time for steeping. With some practice, you can be making delicious e-liquids to enjoy and share. Just be sure to educate yourself on proper handling and mixing. Making your own opens up a whole new world of possibilities for inventing the ideal vape.

Storing E-Liquid

E-liquid should be stored properly to maintain its quality and safety. The shelf life of e-liquid depends on several factors. With proper storage, most e-liquid has a shelf life of around 1-2 years before it starts to degrade in quality and taste.

There are a few key storage tips for e-liquids:

  • Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and heat. Excessive heat and light exposure will quicken the oxidation process and breakdown of the e-liquid. A refrigerator is ideal if possible.
  • Make sure bottles are sealed tight and upright. Leaks or spills can cause contamination and waste.
  • Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations. Don’t store e-liquid in places that may get very hot or cold, like a garage or car.
  • Keep dirt, dust and other contaminants away from e-liquid bottles by storing them in a clean, dry cabinet or box.
  • Don’t store near anything with a strong odour, as e-liquid can absorb other scents.
  • Check e-liquid periodically for any colour changes or sediment, which are signs it may be expiring.

Following proper storage conditions like these will help maximise the shelf life, safety and flavour of your e-liquid. Pay close attention to heat and light exposure, tightly sealed bottles, and contamination. With the right storage, most quality e-liquids can remain usable for 1-2 years or more.

Popular Flavour ranges

When it comes to e-liquid, there are many flavour ranges that Jucce offer to choose from. Here are some of the most popular and what makes them stand out:

  • Jucce Classic: The Jucce Classic range embodies the traditional flavours enjoyed by vapers worldwide. These e-liquids bring to life the timeless notes of standard tobacco, light menthol and mixed fruits, refining them with the quality that Jucce is known for.
  • Jucce Tropical: Travel to an exotic island with the Jucce Tropical range. These e-liquids bring together the sweet and tangy notes of tropical fruits like mango, pineapple, and kiwi, transporting you to a beach vacation with every inhale.
  • Jucce Ice: Experience the refreshing coolness of Jucce Ice. This range infuses your favourite flavours with an invigorating hint of menthol, creating a soothing ice-cool vapour experience.
  • Jucce Candy: Dreaming about your childhood candy shop? Jucce Candy e-liquids embody tantalising sweet flavours. From bubble gum to gummy bears, these vape juices bring back delightful memories with each puff.
  • Jucce Fizz: Want the experience of sipping your favourite carbonated drink, with a twist? The Jucce Fizz range encapsulates the effervescence of fizzy drinks, combined with the burst of fruit flavours for a truly unique vaping experience.
  • Juccier Salts: This range is specially formulated with nicotine salts, made for those who want a more intense nicotine kick. Juccier Salts range offers the smoothness of salt nicotine with Jucce’s popular flavours.
  • Jucce MAX: As the name suggests, Jucce MAX e-liquids delve into the extreme. With a comprehensive range of bold flavours and the maximum allowable nicotine, these liquids are tailored for vape enthusiasts who crave stronger hits and robust tastes.

The Future of E-Liquid

E-liquid has seen massive growth and popularity over the past decade, but what does the future hold for vaping liquids?

There is continued innovation in the variety and delivery of e-liquids. More exotic and complex flavours are being devised using new chemical formulations, blending botanical extracts with conventionally synthesised aroma compounds. The rise of pod vapes and nicotine salts has led manufacturers like us to tailor e-liquids specifically for these devices. Newer vaporisers feature improved temperature control, enhancing flavour delivery. E-liquid nic salts recently gained popularity by extracting more nicotine using acids, reducing harshness.

Looking ahead, for your vaping journey we will likely develop e-liquids that pair with emerging vape technologies for smoother and more customisable vaping experiences.


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