At Vape Jucce, our busy year of trade shows started nicely with Vape Jam 2019!  So, we were there spreading the vaping word to some of the twenty thousand-odd visitors who flocked to the ExCel Centre in London over a busy three-day weekend in April. In its fifth year, this is one of the UK’s fastest-growing vaping events as witnessed! There were some 600 exhibitors who were there strutting their stuff including 78 e-liquid sellers like us. 

What is the Vape Jam?

It’s shows like this that bring manufacturers, consumers and hobbyists together under one roof to share their love of vaping and enthusiasm for trying anything new. But it’s not all fun and games (although at Jucce it mostly is). Above all, behind the entertainment, demonstrations, networking, competitions and generalised showing-off is a serious message. That e-cigarettes are the most effective way to quit smoking, twice as effective as other NRT methods.

Plus there’s still far too much misinformation out there about the supposed risks with vaping. We’ve never claimed that e-cigarettes are 100% risk-free, but compared to the regular thing they are positively beatific. However, shows like this all over the world help get the pro-vape message out to the general public and gives brands and retailers like us a chance to show how far vaping has come in recent years, and how responsible we are in our marketing and distribution practices. 

With 3 million vapers, the UK and one of the biggest global vaping markets. There’s no doubt that the great British vape scene is alive and kicking. The success of these events reflects well on our billion-pound industry and we will continue to support them as much as we can.

Did you go to Vape Jam 2019? Did you visit our stand? What did you think? Leave us a comment!

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