Tobacco E-Liquid 10ml

Tobacco E-Liquid 10ml​

Dive into one of our most popular e-liquids with our tobacco flavour vape juice. Not everyone is for the fruity, menthol e-liquids and that’s totally fine! Some vapers prefer the more classic traditional taste of tobacco and that’s why we’ve taken special care to create a delicious range of Tobacco flavoured e-liquids.

Perfect for new vapers who have just quit smoking cigarettes and made their transition to vaping or if you simply enjoy the smooth, nutty flavour of tobacco. Enjoy the flavour of earthy, rich tobacco mixed with sweet hints of caramel and vanilla.

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About Jucce Tobacco 10ml E-Liquid

We’re dedicated to making sure no one has to miss out on any of our fantastic flavours here at Vape Jucce, which is why our tobacco e-liquid is available in a range of different nicotine strengths and VG/PG ratios, meaning that there is a vape juice for everyone. 

Our tobacco flavoured e-liquids come in 10ml bottles, and are available in 0mg of nicotine all the way up to 18mg. No matter how you like to vape, we have a juice for you.

About Jucce Tobacco 10ml E-Liquid​

The Classic Range


These e-liquids have different VG / PG ratios - but what does this mean?

Every e-liquid is made up of two main ingredients; VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol). The ratio of these two ingredients will determine what style of vaping a specific e-liquid is best for. For example, if you're a lover of those big, dense clouds of vapour you're going to want to use an e-liquid with a high VG e-liquid. If this is the case, our tobacco e-liquids are available in both 85VG/15PG and 70VG/30PG ratio for a fantastic sub-ohm vape. Pair this with our Nvee Pro Sub-ohm Vape Kit for an unbeatable vaping experience.

If you prefer a MTL (mouth-to-lung) vape, our tobacco e-juice also comes in a 50VG/50PG ratio. This high PG e-liquid is perfect for ex-smokers as it provides a smooth drag with discreet clouds for a vape experience that is closer to that of a cigarette.

What nicotine strength is best?

Vaping is a personal experience, and so too is what strength of nicotine you opt for in your e-liquid. For those who were heavy smokers and have just made the switch to vaping, it is wise to use a higher strength nicotine such as 12mg, 18mg and 20mg to help curb those pesky nicotine cravings. However, if you're more of a casual vaper we recommend using 3mg or even 0mg nicotine.

What is freebase nicotine?

Freebase nicotine is the traditional form of nicotine used in e-liquids. It is produced by extracting nicotine from tobacco leaves and then adding ammonia to raise the pH level. This makes freebase nicotine more potent and gives it a harsher throat hit.

Freebase nicotine vs nic salt - which is better?

Nic salts are a newer type of nicotine that is derived from natural tobacco leaves. Nic salts are less harsh on the throat and provide a more satisfying nicotine hit. They are also more stable than freebase nicotine, meaning they last longer in e-liquid.

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