NVee Refillable Pod Tanks (Pack of 4)


The NVee Refillable Pod Tanks, are available in a handy pack of four. These versatile pod tanks offer you the freedom to experiment with your favourite flavours by mixing them together for a unique vaping experience. Additionally, you can also load multiple flavours into a single pod! This ingenious, yet user-friendly design ensures you can change things up on the go, suiting your preferences and mood at any given moment.

These refillable pods aren’t just about the flavour variety; they are designed for practical and cost-effective usage. As your vaping needs evolve, simply replace the pod as necessary. No more worrying about running out of pre-filled pods; these refillable options have you covered.

With the NVee Refillable Pod Tanks (Pack of 4), you’ll revel in the ability to craft your personalised flavour combinations with your NVee Vape Pod device, while also enjoying the convenience of carrying multiple flavours in one compact pod.

Key Features

beginners & advanced vapers

Elegant, modern & discreet

Top refillable pod tank

Simply plug, charge & puff

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