Nic Salt Shot

18mg Nic Salt shot for use with all Jucce, Jucce Tropical and Juccier 50ml Bottles. This liquid itself has no flavour but has a pg/vg balance designed to be mixed with our 50ml bottles to give you a perfect 3mg nicotine strength in total when shaken well in a 50ml bottle. This is the Nicotine Salt version so the shot which gives a more mellow, less harsh on the throat feeling when vaping.This liquid can be used with other 50ml brands providing the pg/vg balance is 70/30. To dispense the bottle into one of Jucce/Juccier 50ml bottles, simply remove the middle section (pointed section tip/nib) of the 50ml bottle just push to the side and it will pop out/ Once you have filled the bottle with the shot you can return the tip by pushing it firmly back into place until it is seated flush with the cap around it.

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Product Specifications

  • 1 x 10ml bottle of Jucce E-liquids nic salt shot flavour
  • Nozzle width: 2.38mm
  • Made in the EU with quality ingredients and the highest grade nicotine
  • Must NOT be sold to persons under the age of 18, this product id not recommended for use by non-smokers or non-nicotine users

What concentration nicotine should I use?

  • The nicotine strength listed for e-liquid is the number of milligrams of nicotine per millilitre in a bottle. That means a 10ml bottle of 6mg nicotine e-liquid would have 60mg of nicotine(6mg x 10ml).
  • If you smoke regular cigarettes, there is approximately 1.2mg of nicotine in each cigarettes, or 24mg of nicotine per pack(1.2mg x 20 cigarettes).