Our Jucce just got Juccier

Choose your juccier flavour.

Black Lychee

Taste sweet lychees, mouth-watering blackcurrants with a splash of cool mint for a big vape sensation.

Cool Berry Burst

A mix of ripened strawberries, blueberries and raspberries with some minty freshness.

Double Lemon Fizz

Tantalise your taste buds with a sour lemon fizz and a little sweet pop.

Fruit Candy

Lots of sugar sweet fruit candy blended with a little mint to give you a burst of flavour.

Melon-Berry Medley

An exotic serving of juicy watermelon, sweet strawberries, ripened kiwis and a subtle hint of mint.

Purple Blast

A cool and sweet vape of black grape and lime flavour bubblegum.

Strawberry Laces

A sweet shop favourite that tastes of juicy strawberries to leave your taste buds all knotted up.

Strawberry Mango Crush

A cocktail of ripened mangoes and juicy strawberries, topped with fresh mint.


If you want to mix your own or prefer more traditional flavours, try these Jucces.

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A naturally sweet, a little tangy and crispiness with tantalising flavour. No apple skin included, just all its juice.


A strong, sweet and earthy flavour, a little tangy with a fresh after taste. A good, fruity vape.


A mouth-watering, delightful, intensely sweet flavour. This is no small fruit in flavour.


Each vape will taste like a bunch of deep red, juicy, succulent cherries.


A true minty freshness, to leave a cool sensation in your mouth.


Lots of juicy ripened strawberries crammed into a bottle to give you a sweet vape.


Most peoples entry flavour into the world of vape. A great substitute to combat your old cravings with a flavour so fami...


Refreshing and sweet, bound to leave you wanting more than one vape.

All shortfills are 50ml and do not contain nicotine.

Adding 10ml of an 18mg nic shot will create 60ml of 3mg e-liquid

Instructions for use

Unscrew bottle cap. If using with nicotine shots, remove the nib from the bottle top.

Gently pour in the nicotine shot.

Replace the nib back onto the bottle top. Shake well.

Pour the e-liquid into a compatible device, avoiding the central airway.

Refer to your device’s instructions for more information.

Nozzle width: 2.38mm.