We’re not in an Ice Age, but in the Age of the Vape Jucce Ice range you get a raft of flavours to keep your vaping experience fresh.
With eight options to choose from you can guarantee your tongue will have an adventure all of its own. Available in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg nicotine strengths.

We offer you Black Jack, Blue Raspberry, Fruit Twist, Peach Tea, Red Cherry, Spearmint, Strawberry and Very Berry. The question is, which should you try first?

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About Our Ice E-Liquids

Available in 10ml bottles, our Ice range has plenty for you to choose from, both in terms of flavours and in nicotine strength.

They are:

Black Jack – A flavour that will have you heading back to your childhood faster than you can say “time vortex”. This blend of aniseed and liquorice gets an injection of menthol for icy impact.

Blue Raspberry – a dash of menthol lifts this icy berry concoction to a new level.

Fruit Twist – A cool fruity e-juice that will leave you crying “I want more!”. The fusion of exotic and classic fruits with menthol will hit every button when you vape it.

Peach Iced Tea – Ideal for vaping during a hot spell. This perfect cocktail is just peachy when you need to cool off.

Red Cherry – Life is not a bowl of cherries, but it’s pretty good when you get to choose this delicious fruit mixed with menthol.

Spearmint – Be ready for a double whammy when you mix the cool iciness of spearmint with toe-chilling menthol.

Strawberry – The sweet joy of the ever-popular strawberry is given the ice treatment. It’s sure to make you chill.

Very Berry – Not just a little berry, but very berry, and menthol added for good measure.

Our Ice freebase nicotine e-liquids are ideal for delivering the perfect nicotine hit. Available in a range of nicotine strengths and VG/PG ratios, it’s easy to find the perfect formulation for you and your vape.

All Ice flavours are 50% VG/50% PG

Making sense of the figures

3mg: If you enjoy a little bit of a nicotine hit while vaping dense clouds of vapour, this tobacco vape juice is for you. 

6mg:  Need a little bit more nicotine to satisfy those cravings while enjoying superior direct-to-lung vaping? This e-liquid is perfect for you.

12mg: If you’re trying to quit smoking, this stronger nicotine e-juice may be best for you. Combining one of the tempting Ice flavours with a higher nicotine e-liquid will help you satisfy those cigarette cravings using an MTL vape.

18mg: For former heavy smokers (more than a pack a day) trying to quit cigarettes, this is a good option for you. With our highest available nicotine concentration, this 50/50 e-liquid can help you fight off cravings for good while mouth-to-lung vaping.


Is Ice e-liquid safe?

Rest assured our Ice e-liquids are as safe as any other e-liquids on the market. According to Public Health England, vaping is estimated to be 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Do you offer a rechargeable device?

Absolutely! They last from six months to two years, so are better for the pocket and the planet.

I don’t know which VG and PG ratio to use.

The choice is yours. The ratio to opt for is down to the kit you use. For a MTL starter kit or pod kit, the 50/50 e-juice is a good choice. The high PG content carries a strong flavour and, as a thinner vape juice, can be easily vapourised by the stronger sub-ohm vape batteries. You’ll also see some major vapour clouds.

For sub-ohm vapers using more powerful and adjustable vapes, 70% or 85% VG is recommended but isn’t available with Ice range. They can be effectively vapourised by the sub-ohm’s stronger batteries and you get impressive vape clouds.

What is a shortfill?

This is a bottle of nicotine-free vape juice which has space for 10mls of nicotine if you want, or you can go nicotine-free. They are called ‘shortfill’ because there is space for nicotine shots to be added if you wish.

What is a nicotine shot?

Also known as a nic shot. It’s a 10ml bottle of unflavoured e-liquid with a high nicotine concentration. When added to a nicotine-free shortfill it creates 60ml of 3mg nicotine e-liquid. It’s dangerous to vape a nic shot on its own.

I’ve enjoyed the Ice flavours, what should I try next?

If you enjoy the menthol boost of the Ice range checkout our Classic and Tropical juices where we have other options. To try something different dip into the Candy or Fizz collections.

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