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Covid-19 Statement

Are Jucce products still available?

We have worked and continue to do so to ease the effects of the coronavirus global pandemic on the availability and delivery of Jucce products. And we hope that Jucce product availability will remain largely unaffected. We continue to supply our retail customers that have stayed open.

Is Jucce still delivering products?

We are still delivering Jucce products. We have worked closely with our couriers to mitigate the effects of coronavirus on delivery. Please place your orders as usual and we will get your items to you as soon as possible.

How I use my Jucce device during COVID?

You must follow the Government’s guidance on COVID-19 specifically social distancing (and isolation where applicable). When using the Jucce device and e-liquids always ensure that your hands, device and e-liquid bottles are clean before use. Do not share your Jucce vaping device with anyone else. Make sure any surfaces you use to rest your device are clean