Vape newbies, you have come to the right place! Whatever your reasons for taking up vaping, the idea of learning how can feel a bit intimidating. There seems to be a lot of paraphernalia involved, and you might think you need to become an overnight expert on PG/VG ratios, nicotine levels, watts and ohms, and strange, button-bearing boxes.

But rest assured that switching to a new habit can be a challenge and very few new vapers get right into the swing of it on Day One. 

Fortunately help is at hand. We’ve listed the 5 most common problems newbie vapers encounter and show you how to overcome them, one by one. Don’t feel you need to master them all, just take it one day at a time and before you know it you’ll be cloud-chasing like a veteran.


Most wannabe ex-smokers choose a “cigalike” e-cigarette at first because they look the most like normal cigarettes. But for a rookie these can be unsatisfying because they don’t get the nicotine hit that they’re used to. It’s best to go for a bigger “mod” type device to get cigarette-levels of nicotine. Plus, always have a back-up device to use while your main device is charging. The last thing you want is a nicotine craving and no way of satisfying it.


Vaping is very different from smoking so it takes some getting used to. You’ll need the right motivation (e.g. chucking in the fags) and a lot of perseverance. It will take time for your body to get rid of the toxins and other various nasties you’ve been feeding it, and it’s not unusual for vapers to also carry on smoking for the first few months. Accept that premise, get your kit together, and be prepared to push on through.


Most new vapours jump straight to the tobacco-flavoured e-liquids from the get-go, and who can blame them? After all they want the experience to be as much like regular smoking as possible. But as the days and weeks go by something will change and you’ll find fruity and food flavours start to hold some appeal. Why not give our award-winning Tobacco flavour e-liquids a try? Or try our other juice in both single traditional fruit flavours and cocktail mixes of fruit and candy. Most vapers love the process of investigating new taste combinations and experimenting with new flavours is one of the joys of vaping. You’ll find that as your taste buds come back to life you’ll enjoy the journey to find your favourites. 


Along with trying new flavours you should also vary the amount of nicotine in your e-liquids. Too little and you won’t be satisfied; too much and it will feel like you may as well carry on smoking. This is a personal choice: there’s no hard-and-fast rules for newbie vapers. So buy a few liquids with various nicotine levels and try them all before deciding on the right level for you. Our Jucce e-liquid range  has free-base (zero nicotine), Juccier has no nicotine and you can add a nicotine shot or nicotine salt shot into the shortfill bottle to make it 3mg of nicotine. If you’re trying to quit smoking, you might prefer salt-based (various nicotine levels) varieties so have a look at our partner range, NVee. You can mix and match until you find a level that suits you. 


One of the best ways to explore your new hobby is to find like-minded people who enjoy the same thing. The majority of vapers are ex-smokers so learning from their experiences is a huge help. Or make full use of your local stop smoking service. Getting support for a behaviour change can make all the difference between success and failure. 

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