Passport – check. Phone – check. Sunscreen – check. E-Cigs – ch… oh hang on.

Virtually stripping off and being frisked while going through airport security is something we’re all used to. It goes with getting sunburn, being bitten by mosquitos and ripped off by local market traders as part of the holiday experience. 

Vapers just need to add an extra layer of planning before they head to the airport. That is if your holiday resort even allows e-cigs in the first place (for more on that read on). So if you’re jetting off somewhere nice and hot this year then vaping and travelling comes with its own set of rules and protocols you’d do well to pay attention to. Or you could be in for a world of trouble. 


Some countries like Thailand, Dubai, Turkey, Egypt and Malaysia ban vaping altogether. Even having an e-cigarette – let alone using one – could land you with a hefty fine or even in prison. Other countries ban the sale of e-cigarettes, but not their possession, while others ban nicotine-containing liquids. Yet more countries allow vaping but not in public places. The laws around vaping are changing all the time as local governments learn more about it. There’s no single handy official guide available that covers vaping laws around the whole world (we’ve looked) so it’s up to you to check out the rules for your destination. 


It’s hand luggage only for mods, tanks, RDAs and batteries, and of course the maximum 100ml of liquids (you can pack additional liquids in hold luggage). Just something else to add to your little plastic bag as you go through security, though most airlines are less worried about the devices and liquids than the batteries. You can carry a maximum of two batteries, and they must be as good as new, e.g. the battery can’t be loose or damaged. Although the chances of a lithium-ion battery (used in most vape kits) exploding is roughly 1 in a million, don’t get complacent. Check the battery’s condition before you set off if you don’t want it confiscated. 


Basically you’ll be subject to the same rules as regular smokers. Just about every UK airport prohibits vaping anywhere except in designated outside smoking areas. For some, these are in Departures (i.e. after you go through security), some only have them outside the terminal altogether. For these you’ll need to allow yourself some extra time if you want to indulge before checking in. Either way you’ll be sharing the space with smelly smokers who haven’t seen the vaping light yet. 


No. Just no. Don’t even think about it. Unless you want to be a YouTube star forever as you argue with cabin staff while a fellow passenger films it for posterity. 

Whatever your holiday plans, always vape respectfully. Because the hassle of doing otherwise just isn’t worth it. 

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